Livolo wall double remote touch switch 2 Gang 1 way with black crystal panel eu standard Expand

Wall Light DOUBLE REMOTE Touch Switch 1way Livolo BLACK Crystal Glass EU Standard- Luxury and Modern



Wall light DOUBLE REMOTE touch switch 1way Livolo with BLACK crystal glass panel EU Standard supermodern. High-quality and well polished luxurious product.

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Wall light DOUBLE (2 Gang) REMOTE touch switch 1way Livolo with BLACK well polished crystal glass panel EU Standard. High-quality product with tecnology of the future!


Livolo DOUBLE REMOTE touch switch 1way with BLACK luxurious crystal panel

This model allows remote control. 

Touch switch turns lights on and off with a single touch!
Supersoft touch. High quality Livolo product
Elegant design with tempered glass
LED light on and off (red / blue) indicator.
Fire-resistant, anti-scratch and dampproof
Round Base: EU Standard
Size: 80mm X 80mm X 40mm
Maximum load: 2000W
Max. Voltage: 110 ~ 250V
Max. Power: 5A
Operating environment: -30 to 70 ° C, less than 95% RH

Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, children's room, garage, laundry room, porch, living room, hall, playground, work area etc.

This double remote touch switch 1way can be used with remote controller Livolo. Remote controller is not included with this switch. Please buy it separately from here "Remote controller for Livolo remote switches"

Package contents

1 x Wall light DOUBLE REMOTE touch switch 1way Livolo color BLACK


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