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Wall Light Touch Switch DOUBLE 1way Livolo BLACK Crystal Glass EU Standard- Luxury and Modern

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Wall light touch switch DOUBLE 1way Livolo with BLACK crystal glass panel EU Standard supermodern. High-quality and well polished luxurious product.

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Wall light touch switch DOUBLE 1way Livolo with BLACK well polished crystal glass panel EU Standard. High-quality product with tecnology of the future!


Livolo touch switch DOUBLE 1way with BLACK luxurious crystal panel

Touch switch turns lights on and off with a single touch!
Supersoft touch. High quality Livolo product
Elegant design with tempered glass
LED light on and off (red / blue) indicator.
Fire-resistant, anti-scratch and dampproof
Round Base: EU Standard
Size: 80mm X 80mm X 40mm
Maximum load: 2000W
Max. Voltage: 110 ~ 250V
Max. Power: 5A
Operating environment: -30 to 70 ° C, less than 95% RH

Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, children's room, garage, laundry room, porch, living room, hall, playground, work area etc.

Package contents

1 x Wall light touch switch DOUBLE 1way Livolo color BLACK

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